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June 21, 2009



Pretty interesting Grandma's Marathon test. With Twitter, the value hides behind the "quality" of your followers. People who truly want to follow you or your business are most likely interested in whatever you tweet and act accordingly, so it'll have to be line with other public communication - or go for "less formal" route with Twitter/Facebook can also be an option.

And I wouldn't leave YouTube (or video in general) out of the picture in B2B world, unlike Tony I think there's great potential in YTube for any business, small or big, as there's people behind those B's and people love video :)

Tony Karrer

Rich - an interesting question about social media value in B2B world. I think that FB and YouTube are going to have little value for your company. But doing things with blogs, LinkedIn, Ning, Twitter, makes a lot of sense for B2B. Happy to discuss what you are doing - especially since I'm studying this for http://www.browsemystuff.com

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