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February 14, 2009


Ray Tapajna

Thomas Friedman talks about the wonders of competition and low prices in the Flat World.
Here's a way to make his dreams come true.

China has opened a direct retail outlet in New York. In the Flat World, there is no reason for not having a direct Chinese retail outlet direct from their factories in every city.

Let's take this concept a bit further. In places like Cleveland, there are many empty houses now with so many people losing their homes.

A city like Cleveland can bring in the Chinese direct outlets - after all Walmart is a middle man and why not go direct.

Let's take it a step further in Friedman's Flat World, why not just bring the Chinese factories to places like Cleveland.
The factor of labor costs can also be plugged in. We can bring in the Chinese workers and give them shelter in the empty homes.

This would indeed drop the prices of products and on top of that we go "green" by cutting out all the long haul shipping that pollutes the environment.

This provides everything the Flat World of Friedman calls for.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can negotiate the whole deal. After all, her husband was deep into negotiating with China too.

See also http://tapsearch.com/flatworld and http://www.bizarrepolitics.com/china-direct-retail-stores

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