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April 05, 2007



Olin is amazing! :) Interestingly enough, I'm an Olin student and was looking for another olin student's blog when I found this. I'd never heard of Valpo, and only recently found out about Cooper Union. And "similarly enough," among the schools I applied to are: WPI, Carnegie Mellon, Olin and MIT... which have all been on your son's list. All good schools :)

Esther Massimini

If he's an urban kid, try the Cooper Union in NYC. http://www.cooper.edu/ My hubby's alma mater for his MS and oh yeah, FREE. And has a woman dean, so you know it won't be a run of the mill eng school. Small school but big $$. And Greenwich Village.

BTW I am going through the same adventure, for the second time. Daughter is pre-law at Univ of AZ and we spent most of our travels in California. Son is into chef'ing and we are visiting the 'big' Hotel Mgmt schools (Cornell, U Denver, Johnson and Wales, Northern Arizona U, and Univ of Paris Hilton's Grand daddy -- Univ of Houston) So much for the progeny of two engineers becoming engineers, LOL.

John Hunter

Olin is doing some very interesting things, I have posted about them before:


Plus it is free: "All admitted students who enroll at Olin College receive an Olin Scholarship covering tuition during the four years of the baccalaureate program. This scholarship is currently valued at approximately $130,000." all students get full scholarships.

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