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March 30, 2007


John Casey

Great Rich,
I was wondering why we didn't have some way to search within or own organization for experts in some of the programming areas, e.g., Word, Excel, Access, etc. This will be a good portal (or Blog, if you will) for that and similar exchanges.

Joost Bekel

Hi Rich, this looks really great! I am a strong advocate for the use of tag clouds. As a matter of fact, from an architectural point of view I'd like to introduce an Enterprise People Bus (EPB) to facilitate finding people to act in unstructured, turbulent processes (as opposed to an Enterprise Service Bus to support structured processes). (This is inspired by John Hagel's 'from push-to-pull'). And in this EPB there is a significant role for the tag cloud. To me your screenshots fit very well within this picture. Interesting insight, good luck!

daniela barbosa

Way Cool Richard and Congrats on being a leader in this space! I have no doubt that within a couple of months others will be looking at you for inspiration and advice so i look foraward to your continuing sharing of your experience of launching a social networking tool in your enteprise.

Puneet Gupta

Rich, you are to be congratulated for being a leader in placing the emphasis on its human capital as ways to advance, innovate, and lead in the market.
Companies that empower their knowledge and information workers via tools and application that help with collaboration, information and knowledge sharing and discovery will lead the 21st century ahead of competition with better quality products, quicker to market, and overall operational efficiencies.

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