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December 27, 2006


Web Tutorials

camstudio is an excellent piece of software for creating videos based on user interaction, however you are right about wink etc, but they use flash, tiny file sizes for presentations etc but very limited when it comes to user interaction. Love camstudio though.


Richard Schieck

Your Tutorial and Example videos do not work. Will you be fixing or updating them?

Response from Rich ... the tutorial works fine. I just tested it. I removed the WCCO TV examples till I have a change to update them. Thanks for letting me know.

Nick Smith

Hey Rich

Thanks for mentioning CS.

I agree for somethings CS isn't as good as Wink, especially if you want to create "presentation" style videos but for recording user actions CS is pretty decent.

You can reduce the AVI file size significantly if by:

Only recording the area you need

Choosing a suitable video codec (CamStudio Lossless or MPEG4-based one like DiVX/XViD)

Reducing the framerate

Minimize scrolling and mouse movement

You'll be surprised just doing those few things who much of a difference you'll see.

Anyway, HTH


Nick :o)


I just use the windows media encoder. It does a good job and is free too.


The good thing about CamStudio is that it saves video as an AVI file, which means you can upload it to a video hosting/sharing site for free. Wink only saves screencasts as flash files, which you would have to host yourself -- and if you pay for your web hosting, it can add up! And if you have a video editing program, you can use it to edit CamStudio screencasts. :)

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