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November 09, 2006



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jim achley

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Mike Lipschutz


I have a question concerning how to best organize a large writing template of working ideas for an independent film company. How to take research files and link them to projects and how to take flow charts and link them to actual documents.

I don't know if this is possible, but I thought this website seemed to be knowledgeable.

Thank you,



Hi! I was impressed by your iste and want to explore it more thoroughly... for now, I'm trying to find the Rosetta Stone language course via your website... I googles my query and yours came up... however I cannot find it.
I am here in the UP... as well :)
I'm a homeschool oom with a brainiac daughter who wants to learn languages... I however cannot afford Rosetta Stone. This is the program she likes and prefers... so I was thrilled to see it offered here :)
Can you send me on a link?
Thanks muchly,
~suzanna mathison

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